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Author Collaborations March 1, 2011

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I have the awesome pleasure of sharing my testimony in these two awesome books visioned by my great sister & friend Shirelle “Diamond” Hogans. Radikal Publications is doing some wonderful things. Be on the lookout for my great things to come out of this ministry.

Twisted Pleasures Volume 1 is a collection of real life stories from survivors of Domestic Violence. Descriptive events and heartfelt intimate thoughts of the women who convinced themselves that LOVE really hurts.
Click the image below to order your copy of my book, Twisted Pleasures Volume 1 for $12.00 plus S&H.

As little girls, we gathered our friends, played M.A.S.H & dreamed of one day being married. In 2011, with a rapid increasing rate of broken homes, single parenting, infidelity, same sex marriages, MS INDEPENDENT revolutions and messy divorces, who PREPARES the little girl in all of us to be a WIFE?
Click the image below to order your copy of my book, Mrs Boss Volume 1 for $15.00 plus S&H.

I thank you in advance for all of the love, support and encouragement I got in regards to this project. May God continue to bless you

Be Blessed,



Reaching more then just one… August 4, 2010

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If one is just blessed I am happy…..

I have been saying that in regards to my book. If just one person is blessed by reading my book, I am happy. But then I thought about it. I am doubting what I went thru in God by thinking that just ONE person will be blessed. Out of all the gazillions of people in the world, I know there will be more than just one person who will be blessed by me sharing my testimony. I know there are women out there who are trying to learn how to live after rape. There are young ladies out there who are battling with the ugly dis-ease of poor self image. Why do I think that just ONE person will be blessed? God didn’t just have me to write that book for only one person. He didn’t take me out of my comfort zone just for one person. He didn’t want me to share my life’s experiences just for one person.

I have to stop thinking so small when it comes to God! He called me to be a blessing to the nations; not just one person. I know many people will be blessed by the words they read on the pages of my book. I know there will be several young ladies contacting me asking me how to overcome their eating disorder; I know many women will want to know how I was victorious over abusive relationships. I know quite a few gentlemen will reach out to me and ask me how they can help the female in their life who is struggling with what I overcame. After all that I’ve been through, I know that more than one person will be blessed.

Be Blessed.



“The Stripping Process: A Time of Intimacy” Available July 30, 2010

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Click the image below to order your copy of my book, The Stripping Process: A Time of Intimacy for $12.00 plus S&H.

I thank you in advance for all of the love, support and encouragement I got in regards to this project. May God continue to bless you

Be Blessed,



Excerpt from “The Stripping Process: A Time of Intimacy” July 21, 2010

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Stripping Process: A Time of Intimacy, due the end of July. This is from the section titled “What Is Love?”

……He turned on the TV and the news was on. It must be about 4:30 or so. I guessed that because this one particular station shows the news earlier than the other stations.
I knew my parents were going to start wondering where I was since I hadn’t come home yet. They might already be wondering if my track coach didn’t call them by now. I had play rehearsal at 6:00 and my mom usually takes me to it. Uh oh! We heard a noise upstairs and he told me to be quiet. He tied me up to the bed again and he went upstairs to see what the noise was. He came back down a little while later and told me that it was his mom. She had NO CLUE I was down here suffering. He had a Tek 9 on the side of the bed. If only I could get to it; if only I knew how to use a gun, I would be free. He put his “security” system back on the door and came over to me and did his ritualistic thing. He began to rape me. For some reason I just started to sob. He told me to be quiet. I sobbed a little louder. He said shut up! I cried some more. This time he was going to make me shut up. He put his hands around my throat and began to choke me. He had such anger and hate in his eyes. At that moment is when I lost the will to fight, the will to live. I told him “just kill me. I don’t want to live anymore. Please kill me now!” He let me go and I began to catch my breath again. He got off me and untied me.
By this time, my cousin kept calling him. She was the only person who had his number and who knew where I was. He wouldn’t let me talk to her. I kept hearing him say “no, I’m not letting her go……You’ll never see her again. I don’t care…..so what…..” I could only imagine how hard she was pleading for him to let me go. But he seemed to be set in his ways. One time he told her that he was going to chop up my body and put in it a trash bag and send it to my parents. She kept calling and calling. He would either not answer the phone or would hang up on her. This seemed to go on for like two hours. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came on. My cousin called one last time and this time, he let me talk to her.
“You know your parents keep calling me right?” she said.
“Yea I can imagine,” was my reply.
“So what time are you coming home?” she asked.
“I’m not,” I said solemnly.
“What do you mean you’re not coming home? Your parents keep calling me. They are worried to death about you. They are scared. Call them! You have to call them!” she pleaded.
“You’re lucky I can talk to you,” I told her.
“Well call me if anything changes,” she demanded.
“Okay” I said.
When I hung up the phone I wanted to cry. But I couldn’t! So I just sat there and watched TV. At this point I was zoned out. I was totally someplace else. He was finally done (for the moment) of torturing me. He talked on the phone to some of his friends, went up stairs for a while and just carried on like I wasn’t there. While he was up there I just sat there. My life began to flash before my eyes. I was never going to leave this place. I was never going to see my family again. I was never going to run track again. I wasn’t going to go to college. I wanted to cry so badly. I had so much bottled upside me but I couldn’t shed a tear. Well I could but I didn’t want to because I didn’t know what psycho boy would do to me if he saw me crying. This time he MIGHT kill me. He finally came back in the room. He sat down on the bed and just looked at me. He told me when his mom goes upstairs to bed; he’s going to let me leave. I held back my excitement. My 10 hours of torture were finally over. But he made me swear that I would tell no one about what happened. He said that if he found out that I told anyone, he was going to kill my parents. I believed him. After today, I believed any threat that he made against me or my family……

You can email me at ministerjenelle@gmail.com to learn how you can order my upcoming book.

Be Blessed,



Right to Remain Silent June 30, 2010

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“You have the right to remain silent”…….that’s the first statement an officer of the law gives when you are being placed under arrest. The next thing is “anything you say can and will be used against you….”

It seems that we as Christians have been given the Miranda RIghts by satan. We have allowed the enemy to keep us silent when it comes to speaking on the goodness of God. We keep quiet when it comes to sharing our testimony; we are afraid to say thank you Jesus too loud or are minimized to a silent prayer when blessing our food.

Yes we are given free will or choice in God. But not when it comes to sharing His Word; not when it comes to sharing the good news. If we were given the option to choose whether to spread His word, Jesus would not have given us the great commission (See Matt 28:19-20). We are giving specific instruction by Jesus on what we are to do. When God gives a command we are to obey.

Why are we so afraid for our actions to be used against us? Why don’t we want people to associate us with Jesus? Is it because our walk isn’t lining up with our talk? Do we want to preach the word to others but not apply it to our lives?

God has anointed our lips (Isaiah 6:7) and given us the authority to speak as His Ambassador and because of this, we have Diplomatic Immunity. We are untouchable from satan. He has no power over us. So why have we allowed him to read the Miranda Rights to us? It’s time we walk in our God given authority and turn the table on the enemy and give him the Miranda Rights.

Children of God we have been silent for too long! It’s time that we break the silence and tell of God’s truth! Let’s speak boldly of His saving power. Let’s us be confident in sharing our testimony. Let’s let the enemy know we waive our right to remain silent

Be Blessed.



Press Past June 18, 2010

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This morning I read something that I allowed to distraction from my time with God. As I got focused, I asked God to remove the distraction so I could focus on Him. He said “No”. Excuse me? I said “wait God, um this thing is distracting me from spending time with You.” He didn’t say anything else. I prayed and went on about my day. Later that same thing that I read somehow came back up. Again, I was about to ask God to remove the distraction but I couldn’t get the words out because He cut me off and said “press past it”.

I know that is something we as Christians ask God on several occasions. God remove this distraction or remove that distraction. But sometimes God keeps the distraction in our lives to teach us a lesson: to focus on Him in the midst of chaos. This was a serious challenge for me because I am the type of person who needs a certain atmosphere when I study or pray. I need it to be quiet, except for music playing softly on my laptop or phone. For a while I used my son as an excuse. I said I had to wait until he took a nap before I could study, pray or while. But there were some times that he didn’t take a nap. And by the time he went to bed for the night, I was too tired to pray, let alone study. My husband told me I need to learn how to focus in the midst of my son jumping on the couch. I tried but it only frustrated me. So needless to say, I didn’t try that again LOL.

When God told me No today, boy did it sting. But as always, His No’s are a lesson. So in this season, I really need to learn how to get past the distractions and just focus on God and what He has called me to do. I encourage you today, have a talk with God and ask Him to reveal to you what things that are distracting you that you need to learn how to get past in order to move forward. If He removes them, how will we ever learn to stay focused when everything around us is a tornado?

Be Blessed.



Losing My Mind June 17, 2010

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This morning as I was praying and talking to God, I asked Him what He would have me do for Him today. How can I glorify Him? And He responded with a simple “Lose your mind”. I responded with a simple, Amen.

I used to say I was losing my mind; but then I stopped because I began being taught about the power of words and what you speak. But then I got a revelation that it’s okay to lose your mind: as long as you are putting on the mind of Christ. As children of God, we should all lose our mind; lose the carnal mind and gain the mind of Christ. Phil 2:5 tells us to “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:” What is the mind of Christ? It’s a mind of humility, love, peace, patience and so much more. At all times we should wonder what Jesus would think, how He would respond and what would He say. Romans 12:2 tells us be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Paul tells us in Romans 8:6 “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” We have help though. If you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, He will help to renew your mind. He is that spiritual check that we all need to think and act and speak as Christ.

So if someone tells you that you are losing your mind, tell them thank you. That means you are gaining the mindset of Christ.

Be Blessed.



Others benefit from your praise. June 16, 2010

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Acts 16:25 But about midnight, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the[other prisoners were listening to them, 26Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the very foundations of the prison were shaken; and at once all the doors were opened and everyone’s shackles were unfastened.

Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail for doing what they were called to do: the Great Commission. They humbly took their “punishment”. They didn’t have a pity party or try to plead to be released. Instead they saw it as an opportunity to give God glory. When I first started writing this, I was focusing on it being midnight. Yes we know midnight is the middle of the night. It also means “Intense darkness or gloom; a period of darkness and gloom.” But that’s not what God was showing me. When I read verse 25 again, the last part stuck out: and the other prisoners were listening to them. Our praising and worshipping God is not always about us; meaning a lot of times someone else is looking at us. For example, have you ever been at a service where the praise is so high and you just start dancing and someone else sees you and becomes so encouraged that they start dancing as well? Your praise just helped to break their shackles and freed them so they could praise too. People, both believers and non believers, are watching you: especially when things don’t seem to “go your way”. They are looking to how you respond in that situation. Do you go through it begrudgingly, complaining every step of the way? Or do you praise and thank God and claim the victory in advance?

There is so much power in prayer and praise and worship. It’s even more powerful when we are going through something. It shows God we aren’t moved by what we see and we’re not moved by what we feel but we are only moved by what we believe. And what we believe is His Word. It touches the heart strings of God and He HAS to move on our behalf. We have to realize that others benefit when we give a radical praise in our midnight. Because of Paul and Silas’ prayers and songs of praise, the prison doors were opened and EVERYONE’S shackles we’re unfastened. Everyone benefited from their selflessness. They weren’t thinking “if we praise God, He’ll set us free”. They KNEW God was going to free them, but they “weathered the storm”. We KNOW we have the victory. We KNOW the end result is we win. So why do we lose sight of that during a midnight experience? Why do we mope and complain and wonder if our joy will ever come in the morning?

Get on your knees child of God! Pray for those prison doors to be opened. Give God a ridiculous praise! Praise Him for those shackles to be unfastened. Let the Glory of the Lord rise among your situation. If you feel like you don’t have the strength to pray or praise, think about that person who is “locked up” with you waiting for you to set them free.

Be Blessed.



Junkie for Jesus June 14, 2010

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One of the nuggets I got from Pastor Stephen’s message yesterday was: “discipline is like a muscle. You have to exercise it and it will grow stronger.” If you continuously work out your biceps, they will grow stronger. If you are lackadaisical about working on your legs, they won’t have the desired strength that you want. When you are disciplined in exercise, you will make sure you workout every day. If you miss your normal workout time, you will make it up later in the day or do double the next day. Sometimes, you feel bad if you don’t work out at all. During my prayer time today, I told God I want to be more disciplined in my prayer & study time. I want to feel off kilter if I don’t get my prayer and study time in each day. As I continued to say this to God, the next thing out of my mouth was, let me fiend for You Lord.

I haven’t always been saved; hard to believe I know. But as I was preparing to write this, the song by Jodeci came to my mind. I can’t leave you alone/ You got me feenin/I’m feenin for you. Now I had to look up the word “fiend” cuz “feen” ain’t a real word lol. All the definitions I found had to do with demonic forces or evil things. So you KNOW that is not God. So I said: well what is another word that can describe what I am trying to say: “addicted.” People think that addiction automatically means something negative. That is not always to case. One of the definitions for “addict” is A devoted adherent (disciple, devotee); a fan; one who is addicted to a compulsive activity. As I began to pray more, I just kept telling God how I need Him; I can’t get enough of Him. I want my compulsive activity to be spending time with God. When a person is addicted to something, they are known as a junkie. A Junkie is a person with an insatiable craving for something. I want to be a Junkie for Jesus. I won’t be right if I don’t get my daily “fix” of Jesus.

When someone who is addicted to drugs decides to give up drugs, sometimes they do it cold turkey. This is the one of the toughest ways to get clean of drugs. When I looked up the symptoms of withdrawal on a website, the first statement leaped out at me: “Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable physical or mental changes that happen when the body is deprived of the alcohol or drugs that it is accustomed to getting.” The next statement was powerful too: “Keep in mind; withdrawal symptoms only occur if a person has regular, heavy use of a drug or alcohol”. Now here is what I get from these two statements: in order to go through withdrawal, you have to be a habitual user of drugs or alcohol in order to go through the symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety. Now we know that everything in the natural can be applied spiritually.

Let’s look at this in the spiritual. If I am sporadic with my prayer time or blahzay about studying the word, I won’t feel like I’m being deprived of anything. I won’t feel like I am missing anything. I won’t have the desire to make sure I don’t miss out on that time with God. It will just be business as usual. But what we as believers, children of God, need to do is get in and stay in God’s presence. We have to get to the point where we just “aren’t right” if we haven’t had our daily devotional time with God. We have to start to exercise the muscle of discipline. Every morning, I have a set time when I work out. My husband works out when he gets home from work. The same way you may have a set time for working out or any other activity, is the same way we have to discipline ourselves in spending time with God. The more we study, pray, fast, meditate and spend time with God, the greater you will feel the “affects” if you don’t spend time with Him.

I want to be known as a Junkie for Jesus. I want to be so engrossed in God that I feel uncomfortable if I don’t get my “daily fix”. But the only way that can happen is if I exercise that muscle called discipline.

Be Blessed.



Untitled-a morning devotion June 12, 2010

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Early in the morning my soul shall make a boast for you! I lift my hands in total surrender to you Oh Lord. I am Your vessel, here to give You praise and Worship. Never will I let a rock cry out for me. Never will I let my praise be silent. Never will I let my worship be dormant. You have been so amazing. You are worthy of all the praise inside of me. You deserve all my worship great God. Selah

Lord what can we do for You today? How can we bring glory to You? How do we bring a smile to Your face? We want nothing more than to please You? Speak Your instructions and we will be obedient to follow. Let Your glory be revealed through us Abba Father. Let our lifestyle bring people to Your feet. You give strength, You give hope, you give Freedom to all those who seek You. Let us help others taste and see of Your goodness. God we want to win back the lost. We want people to know of Your love and forgiveness and mercy; we also want them to know that You are a jealous God and You are the only one to worship and praise. Teach us to be loving and not judgmental for you were gracious with us. God let us be the lights in darkness but let us not shine so bright that people want to turn us off. This is our prayer today Oh Lord! Have Your Way! In Jesus name, Amen